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Cancer – Scientific Studies That Prove CBD May Help With Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer isn’t a disease. Actually, it’s a collection of numerous abnormally growing cells in the body. There exist over 100 types of cancerous cells that manifest themselves in forms of tumors.

Generally, tumor growths are as a result of external triggers, in fact, some are self-inflicted. These include drinking, smoking, carcinogens, viruses and even genetics. Cancer can start from anywhere since the body has trillions of cells. Luckily, researchers are finding remarkable results in their studies that suggest cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) could be the next cancer treatment frontier. Numerous scientific researchers so far have positive results like in 1996, 2003, 2004, twice in 2011, and 2015, and most recently, in the November 2017 report of WHO.

How does Cancer Grow?

Human cells are living organisms, just like how humans are and comparably, they undergo similar life processes that a human being does. In short, cells come to life, live and die. It is a natural continuously occurring process. The reason is to replace the old and damaged cells with brand new young and functional cells. However, some old and damaged cells do not die while other cells start to divide interminably. In the end, cancerous cells start to accumulate. These cells continuously divide and grow spreading to the surrounding body tissues and organs. Invariably, since these cells hide in the immune system, they eventually form tissue masses called tumors.

As tumors grow, inevitably they would break up into small masses and travel the length of the body via the blood system through the lymphatic system and start new tumors. This process is called metastasis.

As you would imagine, until cancer manifests itself, it undergoes a series of processes and most of the times, when diagnosed early, cancer is treatable.

Conventional treatments

Cancer treatment is therapy; no one single process can treat it. It consumes quite a lot of time and effort to administer medicines or treatments in cycles. Below are some of the current treatment options available for cancer patients.

Surgery- Surgeons can remove tumors to ease pain and pressure against surrounding tissues. Sometimes, surgeons remove adjacent healthy tissues as a precaution to prevent the reemergence of cancerous cells.

Radiation-Cancerous cells subjected to long doses of radiation often die off, unfortunately, with healthy cells too. This process leaves patients exhausted.

Chemotherapy- Drugs exist designed to kill only cancerous cells but often have strong side effects.

Immunotherapy- It’s a process of introducing living organisms in a human body to trigger an immune response thereby killing cancerous cells. Patients suffer flu-like symptoms.

CBD and Cancer

The cannabinoid compounds are exiting the cancer treatment world with some really promising research results. Not only do they treat cancer but they do so with some degree of panache and calmness; no dramatic side effects like chemo and radiation treatments.

Cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) act on cancerous cells in a series of activities; by blocking cell growth, by anti-inflammatory activity, by blocking blood supply to tumors, by fighting viruses and by relieving pain.

But that is not all; CBD also improves the patient’s appetite, prevents nausea and vomiting, as well as induce sleep. The beauty of cannabinoids is that the human body receptors are found in the brain, spinal cord, nerve endings, literally the entire length of the body. That means CBD can target cancerous cells anywhere in the body.

What remains is for scientists to develop universally acceptable dosages of CBD to treat cancer and its side effects.  However, in recent findings in the WHO November 2017 report, CBD has proven to be safe and with little to no side effects.

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